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eFreight 2012 Conference Papers

9-10th May Delft, NL

The conference is partially funded by the European Union under Framework Programme Seven.

Scientific Committee



Bill Karakostas

City University, London, UK

Dewan Islam

Newcastle University, UK

Maria Boile

Hellenic Institute of Transport, GR

Tom Zunder

Newcastle University, UK

Yao-Hua Tan

TU Delft, NL

Rob Zuidwijk

Erasmus University, NL



Title and authors

Enabling SME interoperability in logistic chains.

Flavio Bonfatti; Paola Monari and Luca Martinelli.

Solutions for Monitoring Multimodal Supply Chain.”

Eetu Pilli-Sihvola; Karri Rantasila; Antti Permala and Janne Huhtaniemi.

A platform for secure, safe, and sustainable logistics.”

Wout Hofman; Harrie Bastiaansen; Jan Van Den Berg and Potchara Pruksasri.

Assessment of SMART-CM platform benefits as the result of shorter transport time.”

Igor Davydenko; Min Zhang and Lorant Tavasszy.

The enhancement of co-modal logistics in terms of environmental and cost efficiency: the iCargo Green Corridor and LSP-Shipper cooperation Business Cases.”

Valentina Boschian; Paolo Paganelli and Jan Tore Pedersen.

Global Supply Chain security and effectiveness: The SMART-CM Project.” Georgia Aifadopoulou

Integrating environmental data exchange in full multi-modal transport business chains.”

Raul Carlson and Sten Lindgren

A SaaS-Based Port Resource Hub.”

Åsmund Tjora; Arnor Solberg; Christian Steinebach; Kay Fjørtoft and Marianne Hagaseth.

A System’s Innovation Approach in Identifying Policy Measures in Support of Interoperability and Information Flow in Surface Transport.”

Raimonds Aronietis; Claudio Ferrari; Koos Frouws; Laurent Guihéry; Seraphim Kapros; Maria Lambrou; Michael Lloyd; Amalia Polydoropoulou; Athena Roumboutsos and Thierry Vanelslander.

Cargo’s Digital Shadow. A blueprint to enable a cargo centric information architecture

Simon Dalmolen, Erik Cornelisse, Hans Moonen, Arjan Stoter

e-Freight – the eDelivery Infrastructure.” Jan Tore Pedersen, Nuno Bento; Mats Rosen; Christer Kjellberg and Thomas Cane.

User profiles as components in dynamic logistic chains.”

Wout Hofman; Laura Daniele; Huib Alderwereld and Yao-Hua Tan.

The Electronic T2L initiative as a Solution to Improve Short-Sea Shipping and Motorways of the Sea in Europe.”

Eva Pérez; José García; Miguel Llop and Salvador Furió.

Security Monitoring of Cargo in Ports.”

Johan Scholliers and Sirra Toivonen.

Improving sustainability through intelligent cargo and adaptive decision making

Simon Dalmolen; Erik Cornelisse; Wout Hofman; Harrie Bastiaansen; Matthijs Punter and Frank Knoors.

Improving multimodal collaboration in the automotive sector through mapping of logistics processes and information flows.”

Ben Waller.

Towards eco-visibility - Standardising the carbon footprint calculations in freight transport chains.”

Hedi Maurer; Verena Ehrler; Alan Lewis; Saskia Seidel; Diederik de Ree, Roland Frindik, Tilman Platz and Jan Kiel

Introduction of the Semantically Enabled Service Architecture to the freight domain.” Ioannis Stavrakantonakis; Andreas Thalhammer; Alex Oberhauser; Ioan Toma; Audun Vennesland and Thomas Cane.

Strengthening of the seaport hinterland traffic by innovative Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and business concepts – the Berlin-Brandenburg case.”

Michael Wickert; Bertram Meimbresse and Herbert Prof. Dr.-Ing Sonntag.

Does better supply chain visibilitity help to mitigate security risks in cross-border supply chains? Case CASSANDRA.”

Juha Hintsa; Toni Männistö; Luca Urciuoli and Juha Ahokas.

RISING – Enhanced RIS and IT services supporting multimodal transports involving inland waterways.”

Oliver Klein; Frank Prof. Dr. Arendt and Arne Gehlhaar.

The e-Freight Multimodal e-Waybill.”

Tom Cane; Sven Mattheis; Caralampo Focas; George Tsoukos and Ioannis Koliousis

Freight logistics services for rural economies: user needs and future challenges.”

Angela C. Marqui; Martin J. Kollingbaum; Liang Chen; Timothy J. Norman; Peter Edwards and John D. Nelson.


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